Notice from Celine: There has been significant damage and intentional removal of my campaign signs across Ward 11. We are placing signs on designated areas - If there are any issues with my signs please contact me, we will remove it ourselves as they represent a significant cost to my campaign!

Who is Celine DiNova?

  • Retired Secondary Teacher 2020

  • First Ever Skilled/Careers Trade Event Developer & Coordinator in Peel Board

  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) Representative for the Community and School

  • Student Safety School Coordinator, Liaison for the Construction Business Industry

  • Canada Wide Scholarship (Fiorio) Liaison

  • Parish Fundraiser and Event Planner

  • World Youth Day Parish Leader/Coordinator in Rome, Italy and Downsview, ON

  • Queen of Apostles Retreat Team Leader

  • Rosary Apostolate

  • CWL member


DiNova, Celine

October 24, 2022

To vote for Celine DiNova you must be classified as an "English Catholic" voter. To check or change your status you can call Voter Information (416) 338-1111 press "0" and ask someone to help you to check or change your status. or When you go vote, be sure to tell the people at the information counter / voting desk that you wish to vote as a "Catholic English" voter.

Should your Trustee...

  • Return calls and Emails to Constituents?

  • Liaison with Parents’, School Boards, and City Officials?

  • Communicate with parents, School Board and Community in the Best Interest of the Children?

  • Preserve the Catholic Faith and Integrity of the Catholic Teachings?

  • Provide Faith Focused Opportunities in Schools and Community?

  • Honour Parental Authority?

  • Provide and Foster Faith, in Schools, Community and Families?

Tell me what is important to you:

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